Monday, February 7, 2011

Good news!

Dear Friends!

We are updating you on the progress thus far on the New Wings Palette Project.

Despite the lack of news, due to a manpower shortage, the project is going forward.
In late Autumn of 2010 we came to an agreement with programmer team to develop a engine for the new website. Also we came to an agreement with Glyph Design Studio to design new website appearance.

We anticipate a "DEMO" version of the new site will be premiered in Spring 2011, which will embody the kernel of the new system and a sample of the interface,where anyone can get familiar with the basic features of the new Portal. The launch of the Definitive version of the site is projected to launch in Summer 2011.

Stay with us


  1. Is it will be possible to upload my own pictures?

    WBR Junky

  2. Yes! You will be able to post any photo, profile of 3d-art image.

  3. Sounds good. How will these be filed into the proper category and with enough data to be useful? Also how will you avoid duplicates and ensure decent quality images?

  4. Firstly, when user add the information he can himself choose a category from the detailed list. Secondly the special search system helps him to avoid a duplicate. In the third, moderators group (from among the most active and adequate users) will check all added information and edit it if necessary. The quality assessment will be conducted by voting of users, as well as moderators. Also the user will be able to specify his search, for example, show profiles of at least 1000 pixels wide, etc.

  5. Hi Amigos!

    I am colour plates artist from Portugal. I like your website. But I need high quality drawings to make my profiles. Pls add such section to your great webiste.


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