Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The basic structure of the site, as well as basic functionality, has already be defined.

Dear Friends,
We continue active organizational and design work. The introduction and launch of the project will be carried out in several stages. The basic structure of the site, as well as basic functionality (available immediately at the end of the first phase of designing and launching the site in test operation), has already be defined.
Below is a summary listing the key features and functions of the site:
- Multi-user system with co-ordination of rights and privileges 
- The mechanism of add/change data by the public
- Mechanism of discussion and comment.
- Basic Content Types - profiles, photos, 3d-art 
- Easy navigation 
- Search System
Basic data structures and partitions: 

- Developers of aircraft * 
- Types of aircraft 
- Operators of aircraft
- Item of aircraft (including personal history, profiles, photos) 
- Pilots 
- Aircraft carriers 
- Wars
- Events (air combats, accidents, etc.) 

* aircraft = airplane, helicopter, etc.

The existing basic version of the site will begin its normal operation. After the immediate launch of the new website, there will be a lot of work to convert huge number of accumulated data to a new format. We hope for your help.
The negotiations with the development team continue. Any results will be announced in the basic version of the site. Follow our news! 

Best wishes,