Friday, April 30, 2010

We are beginning a complete reconstruction of the "Wings Palette" website.

Dear friends!

I have been pondering the concept of further developing the "Wings Palette" website, for some years. In fact, it will be a new project based on fundamentally different mechanisms for collecting, organizing and presenting information. The guiding principle of the site will remain: to benefit all aviation enthusiasts.

What will "Wings Palette" look like after reconstruction?

It will have an easy to use interface that provides access to a connected knowledge base containing information about any significant objects and events in aviation history - on each specific aircraft or pilot, air battles and famous flights, airports and squadrons. Over time, we will, significantly increase the amount of factual material - profiles, photos, drawings and schemes. There will be new and interesting sections and increased ease of navigation and search.

One of the key innovations will be maximum interactivity.

Active members of the project can further complement and improve any aspects of the overall framework. Visitors to the site will be the main driving force behind the project - its editors and correspondents, its authors and researchers. Our task is to lay the development foundations: your task - to help us as much as possible to implement it.

We value your ideas.

Currently we are developing new specifications for the site. You can help with this. If you have interesting ideas and suggestions - contact us or leave comment here. Your opinion will be taken into account, interesting suggestions will be incorporated into the development of the project.

Now we are at the beginning of a difficult, but fascinating path that with your help lead us to create a completely new and universal mechanism for studying the history of aviation.

Grigory Ivanov
Editor Wings Palette


  1. I need to attach photos to profiles as historical evidence.

    BR Sando

  2. may be a good idea to include plans for building scale models

  3. Do you mean b/w drawings like this one?

  4. + more basic camo schemes!!!

  5. Can you put 3 views of the color scheme?

  6. I've noticed that you've already had some profiles of speculative, unbuilt aircraft that you've included with all the other profiles.

    In other words, you've shown some aircraft profiles of how a certain aircraft type "might have looked", had it have gone into production, or used in some way than that it actually was.

    You should continue to do so.
    I've submitted some aircraft profiles that met that SAME criteria, but were NOT included, while other people's aircraft profiles WERE included.

    The profile submitted was that of a Fairey Hendon, in the colours and markings of the aircraft that were used on James Doolittle's raid into Tokyo during WW2.
    I felt that it could be included because it was one of the many different aircraft types considered for that mission. It was NOT a fantasy aircraft!

    In conclusion, you've allowed certain "What-If" type aircraft, and not included others.
    Could you make your policy clearer in the matter?

    Chuck Anderson

  7. >>Chuck Anderson

    Hello, Chuck.

    First of all I am sorry to not post your profile. The reason is simple, I did't received it, most
    probably often reject messages from abroad. I send you request with details from my reserve email at the

    So, nowadays politic about WHAT_IF profiles is unclear. Mostly, I tried to avoid using of these profiles, because there no mechanism for separation of hypothetical profiles and real. This causes confusion among

    However, the new version of the site, sure to be present mechanism for adding WHAT_IF profiles/photos/arts. We will try to make it as easy and understandable. It also will have special filters that the user can display only the WHAT_IF profiles and vice versa, only real. It may be allocated a special WHAT_IF section for hypothetical. And the most active visitors to the site will be selected by a special editor to manage this section.

  8. The C-1A Trader BuNo136036 was my plane in 1957-58,at that time she was a TF-1 Trader. I was an AD3,the Plane Captain and her Call Sign was Wheel Chair 5.The plane and I were in VR-23 at NAS Atsugi Japan.Although all our pilots flew her,LCDR Grover Bohannon,our Maint. Off. was usually the PC.On July 1 1957 VR-23 became VR-21 Det. Atsugi.Bob Mandel - Ventura CA

  9. I need to see different camouflages on ju 390 and drawnigs of crews uniforms , weapons and radar used on it !

    luiz camacho ( )